Log Wall

A natural alternative to fencing 



Our client had the common issue of a semi dying, brown & dry leylandii hedge.

With the property and garden being close to a near-by busy road, taking the conifer down completely would have caused privacy and noise related issues.

CL looked at the project from a different (nature inspired) perspective, we proposed pruning out the dead and retaining the upper healthy section of hedge,

With a void to fill, we suggested stacking Logs between the trunks, creating a solid mass of timber, acting as an acoustic barrier from the road.

Using a mixture of Ash, Hornbeam and chestnut, cut into various diameters, the end result has produced a very unique and natural screen, and most importantly, Wildlife friendly!

The wall is supported at 8ft intervals using oak posts, the front has been secured using a high grade 4mm tensioned cable.


Volume - 24m3
Length – 30m
Height – 2.0m
Width – 0.35m