Light weight multi-purpose Japanese garden sickle for clipping or cutting grasses and end of season herbaceous stems.

Handle: oval handle in wood 315mm.
Blade: sharp, curved in carbon steel 165mm.


Often referred to as a ‘rice sickle’, these mini, hand held garden scythes have traditionally been used in Japan for harvesting rice crops. Clearly rice is not the only thing that these versatile hand held garden tools can cut through and in more recent times they have been used to slice through grasses and end of season herbaceous stems.
With a combination of an ultra-light weight handle, and a razor sharp carbon steel blade there really is no other product like it on the market for quick and easy cutting. As with all Japanese garden tools the key is versatility, and you will find your own niche when using this product.

Japanese Hand Sickle for Gardens & Grass



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