Lightweight short handle shears for clipping, shaping, cutting hedges and bushes (i.e. box plants).

Handles: ergonomically crafted handles in wood 280mm. Spring to open position.
Blades: sharp carbon steel 150mm.
Opening: sprung opening system makes for easy working with closing catch when not in use.


What is the difference between a normal set of garden shears and Japeto garden shears? The answer again comes down to versatility and ease of use.
Japanese style garden shears tend to be lighter in weight due to the ergonomically crafted wood handles. A lighter weight of garden shears allows more accuracy in clipping and shaping bushes and hedges such as box plants. The lighter weight allows the user to be able to carry on shaping and clipping for longer as the shears are less tiring to use than heavier equivalents. The blades are crafted from carbon steel rather than stainless steel. The Japanese have been using carbon steel going back centuries as it really does offer a better ‘cut’ than most stainless steel options. The reason for this is that although carbon steel is harder than stainless steel, it is easier to sharpen. Carbon steel also stays sharper a lot longer than stainless steel. Japanese gardeners have recognised this advantage for years and that is why most Japanese knives and cutting tools are fashioned from carbon steel. Finally the sprung opening system for Japeto garden shears is the traditional opening system used on most Japanese garden cutting tools and allows for easy working.
Carbon steel does require an element of maintenance and after cleaning carbon steel it should then be protected with a thin layer of oil. Traditionally Japanese gardeners have used Camellia oil to do this, but for non-traditionalists a market wide oil lubricant could be used as the function of the oil is to protect and maintain.

Japanese Garden Shears (short handles)



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