All purpose by pass Japanese secateurs for most standard garden pruning.

Handles: ergonomically shaped red plastic coated steel with strong closing catch 100mm.
Blades: sharp by pass 50mm. Spring to open position


Japeto Japanese garden secateurs really are the top choice for gardeners. Often the most misplaced, this may be why traditionally the Japanese have opted for red and white or simply red handles making them easier to see from dawn till dusk!
Like all Japanese garden tools, it is their simplicity in design that that makes them such efficient secateurs. The razor sharp blades are separated by a securely located v-spring allowing for a smooth uncomplicated cut before springing back open for the next cut. The very slightly flattened handles of the secateurs feel comfortable in most hands regardless of size. Unlike a lot of western style secateurs, the closing catch is located at the base of the handles and can be opened and closed with ease. For busy gardeners this feature is ideal because the catch can actually be opened or closed using just one hand by striking the catch against the body. 
Whether you are cutting, clipping or pruning Japeto garden secateurs provide you with a strong durable precision garden tool that you can trust. Coming complete with their own Japeto garden canvas bag allows you to keep your secateurs safely protected.

Japanese Garden secateurs



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