Short handle multi-function tool for hoeing, weeding, digging, planting and chopping (i.e. roots).

Handle: ergonomically crafted handle in wood 325mm long.
Blade: sharp carbon steel tapers from 30 – 65mm
Fork: 4 sharp carbon steel prongs 100mm.


Also known as the Japanese cuttlefish hoe, the Japeto Hoe and digging fork is a product that has been used in Japanese gardens for centuries. Traditionally a Japanese garden tool often referred to as ‘Ikagata’ this versatile piece of garden equipment is a must for any serious gardener.
The Japeto hoe and digging fork is beautifully balanced with a light weight wooden handle which contributes to its ease of use. The fork and hoe are made from high quality carbon steel offering strength and durability. High quality carbon steel is used for many Japanese garden products and the sharp edge of the hoe can be used for chopping out stubborn roots and weeds while the fork can be used for digging and scraping and turning soil. The ergonomically crafted 325mm long handle offers plenty of leverage when tackling difficult weeds and roots.
The reason why you might buy this Japanese style garden tool over a conventional garden tool is two fold. The hoe and digging fork is by its very nature a versatile product with many uses. Secondly it is of exceptional quality and having been used for centuries in Japanese gardens has stood the test of time. With this well designed garden tool in your armoury, you may well find that some of the other more conventional garden tools you own become slightly redundant!

Japanese Garden Hoe & Digging Fork



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