Geodesic Dome- Example Projects

Fruit Dome - Childs Den - Chicken Coop - Green House - Architectural Feature - Camping Pod - Hot TUB COVER....


Price Includes Hub Kit and Chestnut Frame, If you are within the South East Region of England we can also offer a Installation service as an additional Cost, However they are rather simple to self build.


Have you ever heard of a Geodesic dome? I first heard of them whilst at university studying Architecture. If you havent experienced seeing one, then your missing out!

Beautiful in form, the bubble like dome is elegant and intricately clever in the way that it works.

The structure is complicated at first glance, but upon closer inspection its simplicity appears to show, many triangles of differing sizes create a complete, curvaceous structure, not one internal support required. A well known example of such construction would be the Eden Project in Cornwall, England.

The clever guys at Hubs have designed a ball and socket type connection system, specifically for creating garden domes. To put it simply, a ball on the end of a stick, snaps into a durable plastic hub. If you keep snapping, joining, and creating triangular shapes, done correctly, the result is a robust structural shell, a blank canvas ready to be dressed and personalised into what ever you wish.

If you are looking to add something unique and striking to your garden, then the geo dome is a great addition.Whether you use it As a child's play den, camping pod, fruit cage, chicken coop, hot tub cover, or simply a elegant garden feature, perfect for a spot of shade to read or picnic underneath, you decide.

CL have built several of these special structures now, and are offering Design, Supply and build packages. For a no obligation quote feel free to get in touch.

Geo Desic Dome 4.0m Diameter

  • The Frame of these domes is build from cleft chestnut, This gives a real rustic style and feel to the structure. Every section is unique, the domes colour will beautifally change over time, whilst the chesnut weathers to the elements. 

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