Dual purpose high reach three section telescopic aluminium adjustable pruner and fruit picker. Includes separate and robust deep tooth pull saw blade (i.e. cuts on the pull rather than push stroke).

Picking fruit made safe and easy.

Shaft: 3 sections with adjustable fixed positions via press button release 1.75m – 3.0m. 
Handles: cutting jaw operated by squeezing handles. Lockable when not in use.
Blade: PTFE coated carbon steel cuts up to 10mm diameter approximately.
Jaws: incorporate locking element to hold material after cutting.
Saw: robust deep tooth ‘pull’ saw (i.e. cuts on the pull rather than push stroke) which may be attached to the lopper 230mm.

Extendable fruit picker and pruner



    Jamie Dobinson BSc (Hons)



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