Project Pinders

Pinders Progress


A terraced town house with a slightly sloping Garden,

The former green space was impractical, hard to access and maintain, 

The Garden is long but narrow, typical for the built up town area, with the neighbor tightly squeezed aside with very little privacy.

Our Brief was to provide a functional space that offered division, space to plant, and a finish that did NOT require a Lawn mower. The separation between Neighboring gardens was a Key consideration, Both owners wanted privacy without compromising light, a close board fence would have created a corridor effect.


So, CL took on board each of the clients requirements and proposed a terraced Garden. Using a series of raised beds and Framed paths, we split the garden into equal sections of 1.2m. The uniformed lines were made less formal by using Rustic chestnut Sleepers, adding character with their waney edges and irregular faces. 


We erected chestnut Posts at 2.4m intervals along the boundary line, Infilling with tensioned cable and finished with a chunky gravel board, The new boundary over time will become a "living fence" home to a mixture of climbers, Clematis and Honeysuckle.


The existing deck was Re designed, we removed the tired softwood boards and re decorated using Chestnut planks, A bespoke pergola and hand rales just finished the area with tensioned cable securing the elevated space nicely.

We look forward to seeing this garden mature and soften over time, with the raised beds, green fence Establishing.