Hard Landscaping

Along with all your typical Hard landscaping items like decks, paths, patios and ponds, CL also offer some more trendy and contemporary features. 

for example

  • Bespoke Pergolas

  • Geo Desic Domes

  • Kiosks 

  • Earth Rammed Walls

  • BBQ areas

  • Fire pits

  • Vegetable patches

  • Poly tunnels

  • Chicken pens

  • Bike & bin stores

  • Chestnut structures & fencing

  • Canopies

  • Architectural Lighting

The list is ever growing, and we are always open to new ideas and bespoke projects.

CL like to up cycle and re use materials where ever possible, always considering the environmental impact of a development.

Soft Landscaping

A combination of practicality and artistic flair is required to plan a successful planting scheme. The practical considerations include soil type, aspect, and the amount of shade and sun your garden receives. Then of course you must decide what the plants are going to offer you, shelter, structure, scent, or just simply beauty? If you require help with planning your planting, CL can offer a range of services, from a basic consultation on your existing garden, to a complete redesign for something new and inspired, specifically designed to meet your gardens site paramaters. We work alongside professional Horticulturalists to ensure all areas of a Landscaping project can be met. 


So once you have that amazing outdoor space created the hard work does not stop, unfortunately, without a little care it can quickly turn into a wild and overgrown environment. 

But do not fear ! CL also have an experienced maintenance team along with all the best equipment to tackle those gruelling hard work tasks you just don’t have time for. It’s amazing how much of a difference a cut lawn makes to the garden, there’s something about that fresh cut smell right?

We offer competitive pricing with a friendly service to both Domestic and Comercial Clients, whether visits be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or just one-off jobs.

  • Grass Cutting (Formal Grass Areas and General Amenity Grass)

  • Edging Grassed Areas

  • Tree work / Pruning / chipping and felling

  • Strimming

  • Weed Control to Borders, Paths and Hardstandings

  • Hoeing and Digging

  • Hedge Maintenance

  • Leaf Clearance

  • Litter Picking and Leaf Sweeping

  • Sweeping and Blowing Hard Surfaces

  • Summer and Winter Bedding

  • Bark Chipping and Mulching

  • Power Washing of Hard Standing Areas

  • Gritting and salting of paths and roads

  • Replacement of plants, shrubs, hedges and flowers

  • Disposal of waste via approved methods

  • Moss removal

CL have a wealth of experience, Knowledge, Proffesionalism and industry connections, to provide a cost effective and outstanding solution for all your landscaping projects, be them large, small, simple or complex.

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