Henry Oscar House is a bespoke built, sustainable holiday let building located in Winchelsea, East Sussex.

The planning History of the former gasometer site is extensive, and numerous applications had been objected by the local authority.

C L was commissioned and began working on some alternative proposals, the previous had been traditional in architectural style, we tried to create a form that was striking, bold but complementary towards the surrounding area of outstanding natural beauty.

The building was first approved as a single storey construction, following further discussions it was decided A two storey structure would be far superior, exploiting the far reaching and un obstructed views across Brede Valley, so a second set of drawings were submitted by ourselves, and planning was again, achieved.

Henry Oscar House has been beautifully clad in vertical sections of cedar, numerous panels of glazing consume the front elevation, maximising the potential of solar gains, and drawing the occupants out onto the sandstone terrace.