This project was the third phase of an overall Design scheme,

1 – Log Archway
2- Fairy Garden
3 – Dome & Patio

Each project was designed to work together, an otherwise redundant section of our client’s garden has been transformed to provide a space for both children and Adults to relax, a chilled space to enjoy a book, watch the kids play, or the perfect location for a central fire pit with all the family around.

Crafted Landscapes have combined a mixture of natural materials, Cleft chestnut form the rustic structure of the Geodesic Dome, whilst the woven willow encloses the sandstone patio, and offers a contrasting shade of brown.

Overtime Planting will further settle the domes bold presence, a clematis has been trained over to the Geo frame, this will offer some natural shading once established.

The low-level earth mound will flourish with shade loving ferns and daisies.

Overall a very enjoyable and fun project from start to finish.