Our client wanted to create a low maintenance space, but have a unique point of interest for her grandchildren to use as a den, CL suggested a Geodesic dome having made one before. We chose to use chestnut for a rustic look and raised it up on posts to help head height / strength / longevity. The dome has been enhanced by adding architectural plants and lighting around the diameter and beach groins placed at the front to emphasize the entrance point. Beach pebbles are spread over the ground area to finish.

Beautiful in form, the bubble like dome is elegant and intricately clever in the way that it works.

The structure is complicated at first glance, but upon closer inspection its simplicity appears to show, many triangles of differing sizes create a complete, curvaceous structure, not one internal support required. A well known example of such construction would be the Eden Project in Cornwall, England.​

If you are looking to add something unique and striking to your garden, then the geo dome is a great addition.Whether you use it As a child's play den, camping pod, fruit cage, chicken coop, hot tub cover, or simply a elegant garden feature, perfect for a spot of shade to read or picnic underneath, you decide.

The Frame of these domes are built from cleft chestnut, This gives a real rustic style and feel to the structure. Every section is unique, the domes colour will beautifally change over time, whilst the chesnut weathers to the elements.