A bespoke Oak Screen that incorporates a Swinging seat, designed to be in an inviting and bold "L" shape, the garden feature has taken a dull and un inspired space, and transformed it with beauty and leisure. A simple yet elegant structure that serves two purposes, tensioned cable placed between the crafted oak posts, form a climbing frame for a fragrant honey suckle to establish, and the chunky beam that protrudes from its mortice joint provides a strong fixing for the cosy swinging seat, A perfect position for relaxation no matter the season.     

"We are so happy with your work - I love it! Once things are growing up around the screen, it's going to be a beautiful spot. Looking forward to the granddaughters and the rest of us sitting in the swing in the Spring and Summer ( Autumn and Winter too probably!). Well done and thank you for transforming that corner of our garden. Fantastic work"